Physical Therapy


Our physical therapy department is lead Doug Hattermann, a nationally recognized expert in sports injury and orthpaedic rehabilitation. Our approach for treating patients is to help them to heal using the least invasive medical options possible. Physical therapy is often a very effective first step on the road to recovery.

We listen to patient's concerns, and goals then perform a thorough evaluation to develop a therapy regiment specific to individual patient needs. We use a combination of hands-on skills and exercises to help resolve musculoskeletal restrictions causing pain and limits to your activity.

For patients who have had surgery, physical therapy is vital the maximizing its effectiveness. We work collaboratively with your doctor to tailor therapy programs to maximize joint movement inline with healing progression.

The ROSI Physical Therapy department is committed to providing clinical excellence in both patient care and service. Our specialization is in spine (neck, mid-back, low-back, pelvis) and upper and lower extremity dysfunctions. Our approach of highly skilled manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise and education has made us the preferred choice for many local doctors and patients for their physical therapy needs.


At ROSI, we always put patients first. If you’ve had physical therapy or other treatments that have failed to relieve your back or neck pain, schedule a visit with us. We have two offices to serve you in Stockbridge and Griffin, Georgia. To schedule an appointment, you can please call our office at (770) 892-0300 or use our secure online appointment request form. If you are currently a patient, you can sign up and use our patient portal.